Hypnotic Metaphors Masterclass
Hypnotic Metaphors Masterclass
Hypnotic Metaphors Masterclass
Hypnotic Metaphors Masterclass

    2:00pm - 7:00pm (UK)

   2:00pm - 7:00pm (UK)

  Via Live Stream

  Via Live Stream

Stories are essential building blocks for how we understand the world and create our reality. We read and listen to stories in the media, in our work life, family life, stories and metaphors are everywhere.

Stories and metaphors are naturally hypnotising, captivating, inspiring, and engage parts of the brain that more direct communication does not. Stories are a highly sophisticated and influential form of communication.

Anyone can learn how to tell hypnotic stories, to connect deeply with people, to inspire, motivate, persuade and hypnotise. Michael Carroll is known as a Master Storyteller with hypnotic skills that few others possess, making him the ideal trainer for anyone seeking to develop skills in the art of Hypnotic Metaphors.

When a story is packaged hypnotically and personalised to the listener, it becomes a deep metaphor. When it is packaged in trance, the effect is multiplied. Stories are naturally hypnotic, by making them deliberately hypnotic, deepens the effects significantly.

This course is aimed at people who want to learn how to use stories and metaphors to make a difference in the life of people they interact with, by using this highly effective methodology of communication, ‘hypnotic metaphors.’

There is also so much more than, becoming masterful with hypnotic narative, the course delves into important topics such as interactive metaphor, where you work with the client's own life narative, using hypnotic metaphorical skills to help people naturally upgrade their life dramas anchored by personal stories.

Attendees will also learn how to understand the hypnotic effects of their own life metaphors, that is the stories they tell themselves everyday of their life, which become excuses for mediocrity. These intimate, private and highly personalised stories influence thinking, feelings, language and behaviour. By changing the stories you narrate to yourself, not only does your outlook change, you change.

Attend this Hypnotic Metaphors MasterClass and boost your ability to communicate by learning the following

Attend this Hypnotic Metaphors MasterClass and boost your ability to communicate by learning the following

Attend this Hypnotic Metaphors MasterClass and boost your ability to communicate by learning the following

  • How to engage with others deeply and hypnotically in metaphor
  • The different styles of metaphor construction
  • The art of tonal anchoring to embed the key message of a story, deep in the unconscious mind of the listener
  • Interactive metaphor, working inside the personalised narative which people use to create the excuses they use to justify life mediocrity
  • How to hypnotically structure metaphors for optimal effects to ensure your message connects and engages the unconscious
  • The art of pacing and leading your metaphors
  • How to make metaphors a part of your everyday communication
  • Stories within stories, also known as multi embedded metaphors, often used in training contexts to set up hooks in the deeper part of the mind for content
  • How to use metaphors and stories in the business context
  • The tonal and physiological accompaniments when using metaphors to maximise the effect of the story and enhance the listeners' experience
  • How to access a creative state for designing great metaphors

The course design will benefit newcomers to NLP and Hypnosis as well as people with experience. The course learning content can be applied in any context, some examples are coaching and therapy, training and education, public speaking and also personal forms of communication, such as parenting.

After the course you will have an excellent metaphor tool kit consisting of the essential skills for composing, and delivering hypnotically engaging metaphors that connect with people deeply.

Meet Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is the Founder and Course Director of The London Hypnosis Academy. Michael is an International Ambassador for NLP and Hypnosis excellence with over 25 years training and individual client experience. You now can enjoy all of Michael’s training expertise in the comfort of your own home alongside many others who will be at home learning from one of the highest qualified and most experienced Hypnosis Trainers in the world

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