Welcome to the London Hypnosis Academy, a specialist training provider of online hypnosis training for the changing world we live in. The pandemic has impacted the world of education, coaching and therapy by restricting live training and one to one work in person. Meanwhile, the need for personal hypnosis has never been higher. There is a shortage of online opportunities for hypnosis education and also a shortage of skilled Hypnosis Practitioners who work online.

The London Hypnosis Academy is the sister company of ‘The NLP Academy’ the global leader of NLP Training in the world established in 1995. Both Academies were founded and run by Michael Carroll, one of the most experienced NLP and Hypnosis Trainers in the world today. Michael has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering NLP and Hypnosis training courses, continually updating research, as well as having a sterling track record in working with private clients.

The London Hypnosis Academy brings formal hypnosis education to your home, sit back, relax and enjoy the trance.

The London Hypnosis Practitioner Course Online

The London Hypnosis Online Practitioner course consists of four online modules, consisting of three days training for the individual modules. Each module focuses on a distinct area of hypnosis and the modules are designed to build cumulative hypotonic skills in the participant.

This totally online Hypnosis Practitioner course has been designed by Michael Carroll to provide the education and experience to become Hypnosis Practitioners using up to date hypnosis approaches tailored for the modern world. A feature of modern day life is online learning and online one to one work in the change work professions. This course is taught online, for online application for working with clients, after the hypnosis student graduates.

Hypnosis work is highly effective online, there are however key distinctions between working with clients virtually compared with working in live client sessions. In the London Hypnosis Practitioner course you will learn these distinctions and will develop your hypnotic skill set for working in both contexts, online and live client sessions.

The entire course is taught in live Zoom sessions by Michael Carroll. Michael will demonstrate every hypnosis technique with a course participant so you can see and hear how hypnosis sessions are conducted online in live client sessions. After each demonstration, Michael will debrief on the key elements within his demonstration for you to be able conduct what you observed in the demo, with a course colleague online, following step by step instructions. After each exercise there will be feedback and Q & A for you to have a fully structured learning Here are the experience.

Here are the modules, these 12 days will be highly interactive, lots of fun, educational and highly practical.

The London Hypnosis Practitioner Modules

London Hypnosis Foundation Skills

  03 - 05 September 2021

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Ericksonian Bespoke Hypnosis

  17 - 19 September 2021

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Hypnosis for Habit Change

  08 - 10 October 2021

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Hypnosis for Deep Transformation

  29 - 31 October 2021

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Certification Day

  To be announced

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