The London Hypnosis Practitioner Course Online

This totally online Hypnosis Practitioner course has been designed by Michael Carroll for people who seek to become Hypnosis Practitioners using up to date hypnosis approaches tailored for the modern world. A feature of modern day living is online learning and online one to one work in the change work professions.

Hypnosis work is highly effective online, there are however key distinctions between working with clients virtually compared with working in live client sessions. In the London Hypnosis Practitioner course you will learn these distinctions and will develop your hypnotic skill set for working in both contexts, online and live client sessions.

The London Hypnosis Practitioner Online course consists of four modules, each module consists of three days training. Each module is focussed on a distinct area of hypnosis and the modules are designed to build cumulative hypotonic skills in the participant.

The entire course is taught live online by Michael Carroll, who will demonstrate each technique with a course participant so you can see and hear how hypnosis sessions are conducted in an online environment. After each demonstration, Michael will debrief on the key elements within the demo, for you to conduct the same process with a course colleague online, following step by step instructions, After each exercise there will be feedback and Q & A for you to have a fully structured learning experience.

The London Hypnosis Practitioner Modules

London Hypnosis Foundation Skills

  11 - 13 March 2022

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Ericksonian Bespoke Hypnosis

  01 - 03 April 2022

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Hypnosis for Habit Change

  22 - 24 April 2022

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Hypnosis for Deep Transformation

  06 - 08 May 2022

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Certification Day

  21 May 2022

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