Hypnotic Healing Case Studies

by Michael Carroll

In the many years, I have practiced NLP and Hypnosis working as a change agent, the work I have undertaken in the field of health and healing stands out to me as being most significant in making a major contribution. Life changing is an understatement, when you facilitate a process of healing where the client’s prognosis is terminal, and yet with Hypnosis and NLP processes the person has a full recovery.

Here are a few extracts, written directly by people I have worked with who have had medical conditions with no easy no medical cures. These are peoples' personal healing stories, including one man with a prostate cancer reading so extreme, it seemed there was little hope, and another person with an incurable skin condition, well so they thought.

There are many more cases studies

These stories are a handful of many case studies whereby using NLP and Hypnosis techniques people have experienced dramatic healing. It’s all about making strong connection with the unconscious, creating a healing frame and then harnessing the natural healing systems inherent in every human body. The well trained NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist has tools that enable people to connect with their healing state at a deep level.

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